Yoga – the union of body, mind and soul.

“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life. It’s a journey into your being. The inward journey will allow you to explore and integrate each of these aspects of your being. From your physical body, you’ll move into discover your subtle bodies – your energy body, where breath and emotions reside; your mental body, where thoughts and obsessions can be mastered; your intellectual body, where intelligence and wisdom can be found; and your divine body, where the Universal Soul can be glimpsed.”

Yoga is one of the ancient sciences developed thousands of years ago and being explored & practiced even today.
As a way-of-life according to the great saints Yoga is not just meant for a physical well-being or to attain some super-human powers like the majority think. It is for attaining liberation, it is ultimately for Moksha. Starting from the very basics of practical life and considering the subtle emotions of human mind, Yoga is made for every individual to live his life according to the law of nature, society, and personal etiquette. Sage Panini the great Sanskrit grammarian coined the word Yoga which is derived from the root ‘yuj’. The root ‘Yuj’ supposed to mean two things; to control and to contemplate. Thus the word Yoga means to join, unite or attach. The prkriti-purusha concept is the ground laying stone of the methods used in Yoga as it defines Moksha as the union of these; lower ego with the higher self. From the very words used in the Yoga Sastra itself we can understand that it is observed and abstracted from the nature and its mysteries by saints like Patanjali.

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