Swami Shoonyam

Swami Shoonyam is a saint, poet, artist, thinker, a social-activist and a family-man all at once. On any given day you may find him at this ashram leading his fellows in the experience of meditation, or sketching with his pen inside the hall, conversing with numerous visitors about a social-issue, interacting with students at any government school around, or even cooking at his kitchen with wife or friends. His approach to each of these is characterized by the same degree of dedication, graceful ease and happiness. On a wheel-chair, without voluntary control on his legs, he do these all. He became Swami Shoonyam ( which means ‘nothingness’) after leaving the old name and all those discrimination attribute to any religion, cast or god. He is able to treat people above any common criteria like politics, gender, nationality and anything that is illogical and he inspire others too.

Swami is a lesson for all of us. He is a guide to many among us, who lack a vision about life or getting looped with a problem of life. With his physical inabilities, he shows us how to drive our inner mind and thrive to achieve our life goals. He doesn’t speak much. But what he speaks matters a lot.

Swami often give guidance and leadership to mediation camps that take place in Pranayakulam and at many other centers. His teachings reflect the breadth and depth of Osho’s meditation techniques and are complemented by several methods that Swami has independently developed, to suit the complexity of modern life for the people from different shores and with different problems. 

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