Like Swami Shoonyam said once, ‘the dualistic thoughts are fundamental problem. There are no you and me. We’re all one and that thought itself is a meditation. When you have that thought process in every activity you involved, you will be in meditation.’

We see meditation as a solution to all our day-to-day problems to a great extend. That’s why we provide it here for our visitors who feel they need it. You are getting access to a wide range of meditation techniques, ranging from those belonging to the ancient traditions of Yoga, Thanthra, Sen, Sufi to the Dynamic Meditation that Osho had envisaged. Pranayakulam trains one not just to follow these techniques within the confines of time but we teaches one how to turn each activity in life into meditation. That is why our emphasis is on the meditation techniques that Osho has developed as they are better adapted to the conflict-filled life of modern men and women.

As a process, Meditation replaces our limited thought-premise with a firm understanding that the individual and what is external are inseparable from each other. As life turns on the path of meditation, we move towards freedom from the stress and conflict that this apparent contradiction generates.

Why do you need meditation? Do you really need to be meditated?
What if you do not believe in god but would like to try meditation?
How meditation gives freedom from our conflicts, stress and problems?
You might have such number of questions if you’re new to the topic.
We have answers for all your questions related to this because here we are practicing it and let you to experience it yourself. So your questions become your practice and the answers become your experience…your feel…

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